Linkspam of the Daleks

First up, reader Lauren writes: Greetings! I just launched a Kickstarter Project that is related to Dr. Who. Just take a look at the short video I made, and you can get an idea of why your followers might also be interested in learning about the project: Link to Kickstarter I’m sure you can sense […]

Domesticating the Doctor Part VI: Soufflés in the TARDIS

[Crossposted at TansyRR] Previously on Domesticating the Doctor, we looked at our hero’s distaste of the domestic sphere throughout the Classic Years (with a brief holiday from it when he was Jon Pertwee), we looked at the three Mother-in-Law characters from the RTD era and how this new, rebooted version of our hero coped with […]

The Girl Who Fell Out Of The World: or, The Importance of Being Tegan

Before we begin: Janet Fielding is battling cancer. I’d like to take a moment to wish her the very best of outcomes, and to point you all to her online support group slash charity page: Mouth on Legs Tegan Jovanka, everyone’s favourite trainee Australian flight attendant, is one of the Doctor’s longest-serving companions. She […]

Just this once, everybody linkspams

If you haven’t seen it yet, this beautiful TARDIS dress cosplay is stunning. Unsurprisingly, but sadly, the cosplayer faced a bunch of fat-shaming on Facebook where the pictures were uploaded: As stfuconservatives on Tumblr pointed out: “I think my favorite fat-shamer here is Daniel Marquis, saying ‘Cool but not particularly attractive.’ Remember, ladies: your pursuits […]

Domesticating the Doctor Part V: Divorcing the Ponds

[Cross-posted at my blog,] The Christmas decorations are still up, we’ve only just started eating the pudding (if I’d known it only took 3 minutes in the microwave I might have cooked it on Christmas Day) but the festive season is pretty much over in our house. Time to chew over the 2012 Doctor […]


Completely self-promotery, but I wanted to point you all at Verity! (or the Verity podcast), a brand new Doctor Who podcast featuring six women. Our first few episodes are up, including a teaser, a practice ‘get to know you’ episode, and the first real one, in which we review The Snowmen. The mission statement of […]

My bustle’s stuck!: Women vs. Victorian values in “The Snowmen”

tl;dr: Steven Moffatt brings us the very best Christmas gift of all: his A game. Spoilers for “The Snowmen” (a.k.a. the 2012 Christmas special)