Ars Marginal: Ars Marginal flips the script and looks at movies, TV shows, comic books, and games from our point of view. We’re not on a mission to prove how everything we come across is a racist, sexist, homophobic piece of shit (unless the piece in question is a racist, sexist, homophobic piece of shit). We’re just giving honest feedback about things we enjoy and what it says to and about us as people who are not straight White dudes.

The Border House: The Border House is a blog that aims to break down cultural and stereotypical walls and cross social borders in virtual worlds, MMO games, video games, and social media through inclusive journalism.

Derailing for Dummies: Just follow this step-by-step guide to Conversing with Marginalised People™ and in no time at all you will have a fool-proof method of derailing every challenging conversation you may get into, thus reaping the full benefits of every privilege that you have.

Diverse Doctor Who: A Tumblr that shares and promotes diversifying the whoniverse.

Femme Doctors: A Tumblr focused on femme Doctor cosplay. Which is awesome.

Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog: Discussions on feminist forums are often disrupted, frequently but not always deliberately, by commentors who post often-seen questions/assertions which end up turning the discussion into arguing about their question/assertion instead of the original issue that was being discussed. This blog aims to provide factual information, for both feminists and those questioning feminism, about those typically disruptive questions/assertions.

Feminist SF–The Blog!: This blog is a group blog of feminists writing about sf. Feminism and sf are defined broadly. Ahem.

Feminist Whoniverse: Commentary and criticism of Doctor Who from a feminist perspective. Well…that’s the plan.

Geek Feminism Blog: The Geek Feminism blog exists to support, encourage, and discuss issues facing women in geek communities, including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and more.

Geek Feminism Wiki: A wiki connected with the Geek Feminism Blog.

Geek Studies: Geek Studies is the professional blog of Jason Tocci. I research and write about digital media and visual communication, with particular attention to electronic games and visual and interactive design.

STFU Moffat: This Tumblr site critiques Moffat and his works (mainly Sherlock and Doctor Who). It focuses mainly on gender and sexuality in Moffat’s work.

Wife in Space: A very funny blog project about a Doctor Who fan whose wife decides to watch every episode of Doctor Who with him starting from 1963.

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