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We have several writers here at Doctor Her. We will not all agree with each other about everything. We believe this ideological diversity is a positive characteristic of a group blog, not a flaw, and representative of our feminisms. All of our writers post without editorial oversight or vetting, including guest post writers, though they do write with the editor’s approval.

If you would like to contribute a guest post to Doctor Her, please contact the editor, Courtney Stoker, at courtney [at] doctorher [dot] com.

Courtney Stoker, Editor and Contributor. Courtney has been blogging about feminism and geekery for about three years. She has her Master’s degree in English, and considers herself an independent scholar. Her research focuses on science fiction, Victorian and contemporary; cosplay and other fan practices; the history of science; and feminism and pop culture. She has a big ‘ole crush on Doctor Who, and is mainly a fan of the new series. You can find her at the Cosplay Feminist and on Twitter.

Cathannabel (Cath), Contributor. Cath is from Yorkshire. By day a University administrator, by night and in the interstices of the day a student of French literature, blogger, slow runner and parent (not necessarily in that order), Cath is passionate about the arts, politics and ideas. A voracious reader, she grew up on fantasy (Lewis, Tolkien, Garner), and was introduced to scifi by her partner (Le Guin, Clarke, Priest). She loves Buffy and all things Whedon, True Blood, Being Human, Misfits and The Fades. And, always and forever, Doctor Who. She blogs as cathannabel and can be found on Twitter, and occasionally unwisely engaging in fisticuffs on the Guardian’s Who forum, via the same handle.

Kate Elmer, Contributor. Kate studied Creative Writing and Women’s Studies at Illinois State University before relocating to the UK, where she teaches teen geeks to be themselves. Kate discovered the joys of the Doctor from her husband, who grew up hiding behind the sofa and crushing on Sarah Jane. Doctor Who is now an Elmer family institution, encompassing new and classic television episodes, audio dramas, Sarah Jane Smith Adventures and Torchwood. When not watching Doctor Who, Ms Elmer strives to raise two daughters and nurture her infant writing career. Her first published work, “Tangwystl the Unwanted,” appears in Crossed Genre’s Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology and her first novel The Circle of Lost Sisters is searching for a shelf to call home.

Lacie, Contributor.

Lola, Contributor.

Nightsky, Contributor. Nightsky is a 30-something aromantic asexual geek. A lifelong Californian, she overlooked Doctor Who as a child, but made up for it by going slightly loopy for the Doctor after the 2005 revival. She lives in suburban Los Angeles with a cat, plenty of books, and rather a lot of ongoing craft projects, including a blackwork Dalek.

Amy, Former contributor. Known as such heights in fannish circles, her academic background is in philosophy and political theory, with a particular interest in the political and media representation of marginalised groups. Amy currently attempts to channel her inner Donna Noble: Super Temp by day, and by night enjoys making fanworks, particularly fic and vids. She’s yet to meet a companion she didn’t like, and has an extra special place in her heart for the Pond family. She can also be found at her website.

Elle Clegg, Former contributor. Elle is a historian who, by a strange quirk of fate, has made a career out of organising exams for clinicians. She can usually be found dragging large bits of optical equipment, that she doesn’t know how to use, between London and Manchester. Elle fell in love with Ace while watching Doctor Who in the 80s, and literally bounced with joy when the BBC announced they were bringing the series back in 2005. She’s a big fan of fantasy and science fiction literature and TV, and lives with a chap who is even more obsessed with the Doctor than she is. Elle is running the London Marathon in 2012 in aid of Fight for Sight. You can read about her adventures (including coming across two Daleks and a Cyberman near the Thames) at her blog, and you can support her at Just Giving.

Kmasca (Kate Mascarenhas), Former contributor. Kate is in the final, hermitic days of writing her PhD thesis on children’s literature. To relax she makes stop motion films with Barbie dolls and, of course, watches Doctor Who. She has indulged both these hobbies since childhood. Her first Doctor was Sylvester McCoy and Ace remains her favourite companion (although Amy has been vying for that position lately). Today Kate is a member of Britain’s National Academy of Writing and has contributed to several of their short story anthologies. At the moment she is drafting her first fantasy novel. You can follow her on Twitter, and read her blog about miniature modelling at Small Things Make Me Happy. She lives in Birmingham, England.

K. N. Porter, Former contributor. K.N. Porter resides in a crawlspace on the west coast of Florida with numerous animals and children that randomly show up and then decide to never leave. She’s worked in law enforcement for the past fourteen years and has been known to, on occasion, make clowns cry. K.N. is also a published author of horror and dark supernatural fiction. K.N. believes that Doctor Who, the series and the world of characters, teach outstanding life lessons within their subtext. That is, if you are able to interpret them. She can most often be found, when not writing, with her nose in a book or preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. You can contact her at her authors web site or follow on her on Twitter.

Mindy Townsend, Former contributor. Mindy is an attorney, NuWhovian, and Managing Editor of Teen Skepchick. Her weaknesses include music, British science fiction, and Colin Firth. You can follow her on Tumblr, on Twitter, and on Google+.

Pippa Adams, Former contributor. Living most of her life on Canada’s West Coast, Pippa fell hard for Doctor Who in the first year of her first University degree while on exchange in the UK. She found feminism along the way in that first degree as well. After completing a BA in Political Science she is pursuing a second BA in Communication, focusing on pop culture, specifically women’s experiences in (and with) science fiction. Pippa blogs about Life, Politics, and Pop Culture at Coincidental Reality, and you can find her shorter and more frequent thoughts on Twitter.

Quizzical Pussy, Former contributor. Q.P. is a queer, disabled deviant who dreams nightly of possessing 51st Century pheromones. A lifelong Sci Fi geek, her earliest crushes were Data and Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation. She began watching the new Doctor Who circa 2010, after wondering whatever happened to that guy from Shallow Grave. She got more than she bargained for: she got an addiction, a culture, and a dozen new crushes. She blogs about sexual politics, general debauchery, and nerdy ephemera at (NSFW!)

S.J. Kyle, Former contributor.  S.J. Kyle grew up aware of Doctor Who but never took much interest in it until the 2005 revival and now working through the back catalogue of the classic series.  She has been a member of the Twitter RP community since 2011.

Tabitha Grace Smith (Tabz), Former contributor. Tabz is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She’s a blogger, author, and celebrated pirate spotter. She’s also pop culture junkie who blogs about media over at and recently wrote her thesis on vampires. She first watched Doctor Who through Netflix after hearing about how great it was and was hooked by the end of Series 1 of NuWho. She’s since gone back and tried to catch as much of the classic series as possible. With her best friend, Kim, she’s the executive producer of the podcast group Between the Lines Studios, most famous for their audio dramas (with a Doctor Who one coming soon). She lives in Los Angeles and is working on a hybrid graphic novel. If she has any time left over you can find her playing video gams, editing her new magazine, Linoleum, or teaching reading and writing downtown. Warning: Tabz is prone to sarcasm, Moffat fan girling, and wearing a hat (because hats are cool).

Tansy Rayner Roberts, Former contributor. Tansy is an Australian fantasy novelist, blogger, and the mother of two tiny Doctor Who fangirls. She is also one of the voices on the Galactic Suburbia podcast, which provides science fiction publishing news, book reviews and general gossip from three feminist points of view. In 2011 she won a shiny blue trophy for a series of blog posts called ‘A Modern Woman’s Guide to Classic Who.‘ You can find Tansy at her blog, on Twitter and on Tumblr.

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  1. Carys Svendsen says:

    Hello! For my EPQ I am planning on whether a Female Doctor will be possible on Doctor Who (hence the title ‘Is The Time Right For A Female Doctor in Doctor Who?’) and saw your website! It’s a great website and I was wondering if you could help me a bit by giving your own opinions on why there should be a female Doctor, and also what qualities do you think should be found in The Doctor? I ask this because I am trying to figure out whether the qualities of The Doctor are gender-specific or not, and I need some other people’s opinions, and I can’t think of anybody better to get opinions off of due to this brilliant website :D

    Thank you very much!

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