We have several writers here at Doctor Her. We will not all agree with each other about everything. We believe this ideological diversity is a positive characteristic of a group blog, not a flaw, and representative of our feminisms. All of our writers post without editorial oversight or vetting, including guest post writers, though they do write with the editor’s approval.

If you would like to contribute a guest post to Doctor Her, please contact the editor, Courtney Stoker, at courtney [at] doctorher [dot] com.

Courtney Stoker, Editor and Contributor. Courtney has been blogging about feminism and geekery for about three years. She has her Master’s degree in English, and considers herself an independent scholar. Her research focuses on science fiction, Victorian and contemporary; cosplay and other fan practices; the history of science; and feminism and pop culture. She has a big ‘ole crush on Doctor Who, and is mainly a fan of the new series. You can find her at her personal blog and on Twitter.

daisybones (Heidi Richardson Evans), Contributor. Heidi is an artist, blogger, and haunter of thrift stores. She has a BA in Fine Art from West Virginia State University and also an ancient dog and a small child. She’s identified as a feminist since toddlerhood, when she also developed a terrific fear of Doctor Who. She later embraced the series after falling in deep geek love with the Tenth Doctor. She only ends a sentence with a preposition when drunk. Find Heidi writing and doodling at her website and tweeting as @daisybones.

Nightsky, Contributor. Nightsky is a 30-something aromantic asexual geek. A lifelong Californian, she overlooked Doctor Who as a child, but made up for it by going slightly loopy for the Doctor after the 2005 revival. She lives in suburban Los Angeles with a cat, plenty of books, and rather a lot of ongoing craft projects, including a blackwork Dalek.

Tabitha Grace Smith (Tabz), Contributor. Tabz is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing from Wilkes University. She’s a blogger, author, and celebrated pirate spotter. She’s also pop culture junkie who blogs about media over at and recently wrote her thesis on vampires. She first watched Doctor Who through Netflix after hearing about how great it was and was hooked by the end of Series 1 of NuWho. She’s since gone back and tried to catch as much of the classic series as possible. With her best friend, Kim, she’s the executive producer of the podcast group Between the Lines Studios, most famous for their audio dramas (with a Doctor Who one coming soon). She lives in Los Angeles and is working on a hybrid graphic novel. If she has any time left over you can find her playing video gams, editing her new magazine, Linoleum, or teaching reading and writing downtown. Warning: Tabz is prone to sarcasm, Moffat fan girling, and wearing a hat (because hats are cool). You can follow her on Twitter.

Tansy Rayner Roberts, Contributor. Tansy is an Australian fantasy novelist, blogger, and the mother of two tiny Doctor Who fangirls. She is also one of the voices on the Galactic Suburbia podcast, which provides science fiction publishing news, book reviews and general gossip from three feminist points of view. In 2011 she won a shiny blue trophy for a series of blog posts called ‘A Modern Woman’s Guide to Classic Who.‘ You can find Tansy at her blog, on Twitter and on Tumblr.

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  1. Carys Svendsen says:

    Hello! For my EPQ I am planning on whether a Female Doctor will be possible on Doctor Who (hence the title ‘Is The Time Right For A Female Doctor in Doctor Who?’) and saw your website! It’s a great website and I was wondering if you could help me a bit by giving your own opinions on why there should be a female Doctor, and also what qualities do you think should be found in The Doctor? I ask this because I am trying to figure out whether the qualities of The Doctor are gender-specific or not, and I need some other people’s opinions, and I can’t think of anybody better to get opinions off of due to this brilliant website :D

    Thank you very much!

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