Linkspam of the Daleks

First up, reader Lauren writes:

Greetings! I just launched a Kickstarter Project that is related to Dr. Who. Just take a look at the short video I made, and you can get an idea of why your followers might also be interested in learning about the project: Link to Kickstarter

I’m sure you can sense my excitement about melding Dr. Who with education in an intriguing way. I would appreciate if you took the time to post my project along with a few comments of your own. Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you for your time!

Lauren’s project is a really pretty ingenious DIY planetarium. She has prepared a few astronomy guides drawn from science fiction–Doctor Who included–so you can get help finding the constellation of Kasterborous. I love space, personally and professionally, and I love getting kids interested in science.

Here’s an intriguing spinoff forty years in the making: actor Damaris Hayman reprises her role as Olive Hawthorne–a smart, educated, unapologetic Pagan woman who befriends Jon Pertwee’s Doctor (and faces down the Master, who’s posing as a vicar) in 1971’s “The Daemons”–in “The White Witch of Devil’s End”. It’s out Oct. 31 on region-free DVD.

Author Patrick Ness wrote the new Fifth Doctor book in the BBC/Puffin series of ebooks out this year, Tip of the Tongue. Yr humble linkspammer, who loved Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy, is most pleased. There’s a review here. N.B. “Ebook” is a bit generous–these are quite short. More like an “eshortstory”.

Wuh-oh. The Daily Mail discovers social justice critiques of Who. Click through if you ever want to see a really condescendingly written dismissal of our corner of fandom. I don’t suggest reading the comments.

As a palate cleanser: Queers Dig Time Lords is coming next week from Mad Norwegian Press. w00t! The always excellent Philip Sandifer has a thoughtful review up here.

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  1. Mym says:

    Speaking of Kickstarters! Time Crash is a Doctor-Who-themed band, and they’re raising funds to record their first album. They aim to make music that’s enjoyable even if you have no idea what they’re talking about, and I think they mostly succeed.

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