Completely self-promotery, but I wanted to point you all at Verity! (or the Verity podcast), a brand new Doctor Who podcast featuring six women. Our first few episodes are up, including a teaser, a practice ‘get to know you’ episode, and the first real one, in which we review The Snowmen.

The mission statement of Verity! is to add more female voices to the Doctor Who podcasting community, and to chat with our friends. We hope to bring more reviews, meta-discussion, humour and wildly differing opinions to the table over this anniversary year, covering Classic as well as new Who.

Hope you give us a listen and enjoy!

The Voices:

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Twitter: @VerityPodcast

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  1. Siobhan says:

    I just found this site. As a woman who has been a Whovian since she was about 8 years old (and have an incredible amount of “Who” knowledge – including Audios and Comics) – I think this is a wonderful idea… I will definitely have to listen :)

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