Time Ladies: The Fanart

With our remit, what are the odds we wouldn’t feature Gladys’ excellent manga-flavored renditions of all eleven Doctors as women?

The first six Doctors, as women, drawn by Gladys.

Doctors seven through eleven, as drawn by Gladys

Doctors-as-women art isn’t new (in researching a post on femme Doctors, I found examples from 1985) or uncommon (anymore), but IMHO Gladys excels here at giving suggestions of personality to the Doctors that are similar to, but distinct from, their male counterparts. One has a suggestion of great warmth behind all her poise. Six, with her blonde curls coming undone from her bun, looks like she’s just paused to gather her thoughts before unleashing her tremendous intelligence on your ass. Ten I imagine as a mad librarian.


  1. Rolf says:

    Well drawn — and rather amusing. Also, #2 looks more like Companion Zoe.

  2. K.N. Porter says:

    I really love this! Brilliant vision and excellent artwork.

  3. DrNavi says:

    I love this especially 6 she sorta looks like Miss Frizzle from the magic school bus

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