Time Lord’s Road To Global Domination – Anticipation Of Year 49

I opened my mailbox and found the Doctor inside….Well, on a magazine actually BUT it’s a wonderful article in EW.

My beloved Doctor, this amazing creature I share with millions around the world, is ready to return.

The article, and some of the comments made there in,  started my wheels turning. The impact if the Whoniverse and The Tao of Who on popular culture. Especially the impact this very Brit style of thinking/ ideals has on American Culture.

How do these questions impact this blog and the ideals, outlook and discussions we provoke?

I don’t know as of yet……I can’t wait to find out. 

We face the loss of old companions and the introduction of new. There are rumors flying about the return of River Song AND my beloved Captain Jack Harkness.

I’m excited, the anticipation of new adventures, new characters and brilliant writing have me twitching like a chihuahua after a meth cookie. I hope the rest of you are as “GIDDY” as I am, and we happily dissect each episode and have spirited witty debates over every nuance of amazing writing.



  1. And now we have a trailer too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrEUBl2pacU

    Eeee, after months of being a bit ‘meh’ I’m now all ramped up and raring to go. I love the way Amy comes across in this trailer, all brave and confident.


    49 years. That’s an amazing achievement.

  2. The one thing that peeved me about the EW article was how they kept repeating the old trope about Daleks and stairs. Excuse me, but Daleks can FLY, now…!

    Earthlings, I swear…

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