Good as Gold!

Not especially feminist (or indeed unfeminist) in nature, but couldn’t resist sharing this first snippet of Doctor Who we’ve had in a long time, from Script to Screen 2012 (debuted on Blue Peter earlier today).

I kind of love that they are giving kids the opportunity to do this – I would have killed for such a chance when I was nine, even if most of my classmates had no idea what Doctor Who was! If only they let Australians enter, I have a pack of young writers raring to go!


  1. Kmasca says:

    I love this.

    To be serious for a moment, there may be a feminist angle to the involvement of children in writing for television. Gender is implicated in generational power structures, after all.

    • I think it’s fascinating that both of the script to screen projects that have been finished have involved entire classes writing a script – can’t imagine how that works! But I think offering the upcoming generation a chance to participate now in such a creative process is quite inspiring.

      Some day one of those kids could be the show runner!

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