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Why I Didn’t Cosplay (But Now I Do)

Last year, on this blog, I wrote the most personal blog post I’ve ever written called “Why I Don’t Cosplay.” In it I opened up about my fears about cosplaying as a plus sized girl. It was a hard post to write because normally I’m extremely confident. I have a very strong “you don’t like me? That’s fine!” kind of attitude. Except when it came to cosplaying.

Yet, the response to the blog post was resounding and supportive. I found out that I wasn’t alone in my fears and I wasn’t alone in being a plus-sized cosplayer. One of the comments led me to two very inspiring tumblrs: f*** yeah fat cosplay¬†and fat positive cosplay (which has sadly shut down). Between your comments and those tumblrs; I finally ventured into cosplay.

There’s still folks who post comments even a year and a half later, so I thought it was time to write a follow up.

Tabz as the TARDIS at ComicCon 2013

After writing that blog post, I attended ComicCon in San Diego (2012). For the first time I dressed up. I did a very simple Apple Jack (from My Little Pony) and my friend agreed to be Twilight Sparkle. The experience was amazing. People called out at us from across the con floor (hey Apple Jack! Hi Twilight!). People asked us to stop for photos. No one mocked us. It was a fantastic feeling.

I took cosplay easy. I didn’t go for the high-detailed designed cosplays. I mostly put things together from clothing items you could buy. I didn’t get thousands of people asking for my picture like some of the scantily clad girls, but I got enough to feel good about what I was doing. Having my friend dress up with me gave me extra confidence (hey at least we’ll look dumb together if nothing else) and it’s a moment we could both share. I found myself wanting to take more pictures of myself as well, something I normally never do at conventions. It was a success.

This year at ComicCon my best friend and I did three cosplays. One of them is pictured above, I did a TARDIS dress. This year we leveled up a bit and had some professional hair and makeup help. I cobbled my outfit together from online and handmade pieces. The makeup artist was so into it that she looked up¬†Gallifreyan and wrote “Tabz and Kim are Cool” on my face.

Again, it was extremely positive experience. At one point a girl came over to both of us nearly hyperventilating because she loved our costumes. When I showed her that my hat lit up and made the TARDIS sound she said, “you can’t do that to me!” She then asked, shyly for a photo. It’s the closest I can get to being a rockstar.

Our two other cosplays didn’t get as widely recognized, but we had a blast anyways because we were dressed as characters we loved.

So, if you were like me and feeling self-conscious about your size. Just do it. Don’t rob yourself of a really fun fan experience.

And if some jerk makes fun of you try and ignore them. The rewards for making your own cosplay and having a blast with it are way more than some negative person can understand.