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Women = Babies except when they’re alone, then Women = Kickass

I will put it out there to start with that I am a HUGE fan of Dr Who. I love every doctor in their own way and can debate the merits of each of the companions all night. Amy Pond, admittedly, is not one of my favourites. But it wasn’t until this episode that I started to hate Rory oh so much more…

Quick synopsis: Amy is accidentally placed in a different time stream on a quarantined planet and ends up waiting 36 years for Rory and the Dr to rescue her.

Before this, Amy has been a pretty pathetic companion. She’s not overly intelligent like Martha; she doesn’t have any useful skills like Donna… I guess she can be described as feisty. But, at the end of the day, she is a plot device, there to be rescued.

In this episode, she is left to her own devices for twenty years. No husband or Doctor to rely upon. And she becomes so amazing. She creates her own sonic screwdriver; she survives and avoids the robots sent to “cure her” (which will, of course, kill her). This amazingly resourceful character just highlights Amy’s potential, the intelligence that is seemingly being suppressed by Rory and the Doctor.

Of course, the final result is that Rory gets his young, hot, DEPENDENT wife back. And abandons the older version. All that effort, all that creativity and resilience gets wasted.

Considering the tone of the rest of the season, it’s almost undoubtable that they were not going for a radical feminist message. But at the same time, the message I got from it is without others to rely upon, a woman can become so much more than a damsel in distress. To fully achieve your potential, you must remain alone.

Since Moffat took over Dr Who, the show has been focussing more and more on women as mothers, wives and little else. Some have said that this is a correlation with Moffat’s own continuing focus on parenthood (such as Coupling and Jekyll) but seeing the latest Christmas special, where women are stronger than men SOLELY BECAUSE THEY HAVE A UTERUS, smacks of benevolent sexism and a fundamental lack of understanding of women. But that is another story for another time.